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Worship - we pray together as a worship community


At St. Veronica's, we WORSHIP God through our class prayers, reflection, liturgies, school Masses, assemblies and class worship services, through our actions and through the way we live and treat each other.

The new Chaplain's attended a training day at All Saints High School, where they were taught lots of new ways in how we can worship God through art.

Our Advent Prayer Service focused on giving and how it can fill our hearts with happiness.

On this day we celebrated the first of our Advent Prayer Service. Today's focus was being grateful and thankful for our families.

Getting ready for Advent

Celebrating Mary's Birthday

A big thank you to Lella for creating our offering at the Valley Mass. She has depicted the station where St Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

Mrs Rushton led a very thoughtful Lenten prayers this morning. She talked about self-giving and how we can be a hero by doing that.

Thank you Mr Richards for leading our Lenten prayers this morning.

Lenten prayers. What does temptation mean? In prayers we discussed what temptation means and how Jesus can help us overcome it?

Lenten prayers. Thank you to the children who have already attended one of our Lenten prayers in the morning. It is a great way to think about this special period.

Ash Wednesday -As a school, we celebrated Ash Wednesday by sharing in a liturgy and then receiving the ashes from the school chaplains. All the children then made a Lenten promise.

To support the Year 3 children, who are making their first Holy Communion and first Reconciliation, the Year 5 children became their prayer buddies. Their role is pray for them and offer support in this important year.

Epiphany. As we returned to school from our Christmas holidays, all the classes thought about the Epiphany and the wonderful gifts that the Wise Men brought to Jesus.

Confessions in school - Years 4, 5 and 6 have been celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation again in school. It is an opportunity for the children to meet Jesus and receive His grace.

The children and staff celebrated Advent at a whole school mass. Thank you to father Broadly for leading the mass with our school community.

Advent Prayers - Children and adults have been thinking about why Advent is so special during our Advent prayers in the morning. We gather together to think and reflect on why Advent is a truly wonderful time.