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We place the word of God at the centre of all we do. 


Our Religious Education is at the core of St Veronica’s and the word of God is placed at the centre of all that we do, the principles of our faith are maintained across the whole curriculum and life of the school.  We always try to be Witness to the Word of God in our daily lives and towards each member of the community.  Children learn about stories from the Bible that tell us how Jesus acted and how God wants us to try to be.  Teachers use the scheme, ‘Come and See’, the starting point for learning and seek opportunities for pupils to express themselves spiritually through art, music and ICT.   They are encouraged to engage in 'Big Questions' and higher level thinking generated from our faith, and also about our faith.  We celebrate the Word of God in class worship, RE lessons, during assemblies and at Mass.

Each class has been going outside to reflect on the Stations of the Cross. It has given everyone an opportunity to reflect on the journey Jesus took on our behalf.

Lenten journey. The children have taken their Lenten journey books home over Lent and shared their thoughts and feelings about this special time with their families. Here are some examples.

Meet the St Veronica's Chaplin's, who spend time listening and talking to the children in our school family.

St Veronica's children learning about the work of Cafod.