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What To Do If...

Unexpected situations arise, it's part of raising children, and with that in mind, we have compiled a helpful list of "What to do if" questions and answers to promptly address any unforeseen circumstances.  This resource ensures that the school is informed or provides guidance on managing the situation at home.  Remember to check back for updates to stay well-prepared.


Our phone number is 01706 226315.


What to do if... my child is poorly

  • Seek medical advice if needed
  • Arrange appropriate care
  • Phone the school as soon as possible after 08:30 on the first day of absence and inform our bursar
  • Follow the advice given regarding absence and return to school


What to do if... my child needs medication during the school day?

  • School can only administer prescription medication
  • An adult must bring the medication into school office
  • Consent form to be signed
  • Medication to be collected at the end of the day by an adult


What to do if... my child has an appointment?

We understand that sometimes it is unavoidable an appointment falls within the school day.  We would appreciate all routine appointments being made outside of the school day and/or during school holidays.


If it is unavoidable please:

  • Bring or send the appointment letter into school
  • Collect you child at the agreed time
  • Return your child to school after the appointment
  • If your child has a school lunch and will miss ordering it please discuss with the school office the options for lunch that day


What to do if... if I want/need a place in the Early Bird Club?


What to do if... if I want/need a place in the After School Club?


What to do if... my child taking an exam, i.e. dance, piano?

That's absolutely fantastic!  Congratulations on their incredible talent and best of luck on their journey ahead!  Just a few formalities however...

  • Bring the notice of the examination to school
  • Collect your child at the agreed time
  • Return your child to school after the exam


What to do if... my child is late for school?

  • The school gate opens at 08:35
  • The school day starts at 08:45 – after this time pupils must come into school via the Main Entrance
  • Please accompany your child into school and use the sign in system
  • If the lateness is due to an appointment, ie a GP appointment only made that morning, please telephone school to let us know that you will be arriving late


What to do if... I need to collect my child during the school day?

  • Contact school by telephone to inform us that you need to collect early; you will be asked why
  • Come to the Main Entrance
  • Sign your child out of school


What to do if... my child will be absent due to Eid?

  • Inform school of the date of the Eid celebration
  • Lancashire County Council authorise absence for ONE day


What to do if... my child has forgotten their packed lunch?

  • Telephone school to let us know.  On some occasions it may be possible to order a school lunch at short notice
  • Bring their packed lunch to school if this is the desired option


What to do if... my child wishes to swap between school dinners and packed lunches or vice versa?


What to do if... someone different will be collecting my child at the end of the day?

  • Each pupil will have a "Going Home Arrangements Form"; these can be amended as needed throughout your child's time at school.  Please keep them up to date

  • If your child is being collected by someone else please telephone school to inform us of this arrangement

  • It is School Policy that a child cannot leave school with someone other than those on their list if we have not been notified


What to do if... I wish to allow my child to walk home by themselves?

  • Your child needs to be in Year 6

  • Permission from parents must be emailed to the Bursar and or Year 6 teacher

  • You will notice there are three declarations in the email template when you click it.  The first is to be allowed to walk home at 15:15 at the end of the school day.  The second declaration is to be allowed to walk home after the end of any booster sessions.  The third is to be allowed to walk home from After School Club.  Delete or retain the declarations as necessary.  We require separate declarations because booster sessions and after school club can end when it is dusky/dark outside and carries an element of extra risk

  • Children who are walking from home are allowed to bring their mobile phones into school, however they must hand over their phones to the class teacher at the start of the day and they will be handed back at the end


What to do if... our address or contact details have changed?

  • Please simply contact the School Office to update.  It is important that we always have up to date contact information in case of accident/emergency


What to do if... it has snowed?

  • We will always do our best to try to ensure that school is open, however we have the health and safety of our staff to consider.  Further, staff across schools are very much parents too and often there is a snowball effect where one school closes which in turn causes a knock on effect with staff absence at other schools

  • If school is closed our website will be updated, an App message will be sent to parents and Radio Lancashire will be informed

  • It is very unlikely that school will ever close during the day.  If this became necessary parents would be contacted.  However, all pupils would be kept safely at school until appropriate arrangements were made