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Early Bird Club


Early Bird Club is smart!

St Veronica's Early Bird Club is a fantastic option for parents who want to ensure their child has a healthy and enjoyable start to their day.  The club runs every weekday morning from 07:30 to 08:50, providing a safe and reliable way for children to begin their day.  Parents can drop off their child at the club where they will receive a nutritious breakfast and be kept entertained with a variety of activities.



Early Bird Club prepares!

The breakfast on offer at Early Bird Club is served until 08:30 and is a varied menu including a range of healthy options such as fruit, yoghurt and cereals.  Children can also choose from toast, crumpets and a selection of spreads.  We offer a choice of juice, milk and water to accompany breakfast.  The aim is to ensure that children start their day with a healthy, balanced meal that will set them up for a day of learning.



Early Bird Club entertains!

Whilst at the club, children are kept entertained with a variety of activities.  These range from early morning exercise to sports, yoga, dancing, arts and crafts and games.  The activities are carefully planned and selected to ensure that children are engaged, active and having fun.  All of the activities are supervised by permanent day staff at St Veronica's, who are always on hand to provide a friendly face and support where needed.



Early Bird Club wants you!

For just a few pounds per session (and you can choose days to suit) we think you will agree this is a great way for your child to start to the day and at the same time, help answer the 'commute' question.  Please contact St Veronica's Early Bird Club via 01706 226315 or email


The Early Bird Club Team consists of Mrs McDonough and Mrs Griffin.



Early Bird Club terms

  • Each session is just £5.50 per child with siblings costing £5.00 per child
  • Payment must be paid at the start of each week via ParentPay
  • Session fees are not refundable when missed due to unexpected circumstances or illness
  • Children should arrive at school no earlier than 07:30 and they will be met at the school hall entrance by a member of our staff who will take the register
  • We are pleased to be able to offer ad hoc sessions payable on the door*
  • In the case of school closures or extenuating circumstances at the school parents will be notified via a member of staff from the Early Bird Club between 07:15 and 07:30 and fees refunded


* subject to change



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