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Tips when using our Calendar

Using our Calendar on your desktop browser


Like a calendar you hang on the wall, this calendar provides a simple way to see key dates and times of interest during the school year.


In the middle at the top, you can navigate between different months, as the calendar will always open on 'Today.'


On the left, under 'Subscribe' you will see a filter, choosing a year group for example will just show calendar items for that year.


At the top right you can swap the view to a list.


At the top left, clicking 'Subscribe to this calendar' starts the process of adding this calendar to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


Finally, clicking on a day will quickly expose details for all the events on that day, including times and any extra information we've added.


Create a desktop shortcut

Most desktop browsers have the functionality to save a shortcut to your desktop.  All you need to do is browse to the calendar, click and drag the icon to the left of the address to your desktop.  (In Chrome it is a Padlock, in other browsers it may be our logo.)  Now, our Calendar is literally a click away.

Using our Calendar on your smartphone or tablet


On a smartphone or tablet, the same views and functionality are available, however they are slimmed down to accommodate the width available on your device.


Click on a day to see that day's items with details.


Adding a shortcut to your home screen

A shortcut on your home screen simplies access and is quite simple to do.  The demonstration is on an iPhone but the principles are the same on Android.


You need to find the 'Share' button which is usually a square box with an arrow.  In Safari this is at the bottom of the screen but on Chrome it is at the top right.


And in the menu that pops up, press 'Add to Home Screen.'


You'll then get an option to name the calendar, something simple like 'School Calendar' will do the trick.

Subscribing to our calendars (Advanced)


The idea of subscribing to our calendar is to make it available within a calendar app or service you already use.  For example, your smartphone or tablet, or Microsoft Outlook on your desktop (if you happen to use it) all have calendars which you may already use to keep a track of what is going on in your day-to-day.  Subscribing adds our school events to your calendar so they appear alongside it, all in one place.  Further, you can colour, show or hide our events when you don't need to see them.  It is smart and not particularly difficult to set up.


Subscribing on an iPhone

Likewise, this demonstration is on an iPhone, but the principles are very much similar on Android and to some extent, Outlook too.


When you click 'Subscribe to this calendar' you will be taken to a subsequent page.


First, you'll be asked to select a category.  In this example we will use 'All calendar items' and call it 'St Veronica's,' however we recommend you subscribe to individual categories, namely 'Whole School' for whole school items and then individual year(s) (i.e. 'Year 1') relevent for your children.  This is so that you can show/hide and colour them differently for easy recognition in your calendar.


So, choose a category, leave 'Default calendar' as is and click 'Subscribe.'


In the window that pops up, click 'Subscribe' and you will receive another popup which asks for a name, and how to colour them.


You can also set up alerts so you are pinged a notification when they are due.


In this example we have called it 'St Veronica's' and left the colour as brown.


Click 'Add' and then 'Done' on the following popup.


And that is it, the calendar now appears within your iPhone's calendar and will keep in synchronisation with our own, automatically.