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St Veronica'sRC Primary School

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Catholic Life of the School

Preparation for First Holy Communion


The 5 W's


At St Veronica's we aim to live by the 5W's, a framework created by Salford Diocese, ensuring we remember what is important and how to aspire to follow in God's footsteps.  


The 5 W's are:


  • Word (talk) - we talk together as a word of God's community
  • Welcome (come) - we come together in welcome
  • Welfare (walk) - we walk together as a welfare community
  • Worship (pray) - we pray together as a worship community
  • Witness (work) - we look at our School mission statement and work together as a witness community


Please click on the links below to find out more information about how we strive to follow the 5 W's in our school, home-life and wider community. 

The Last Supper

Palm Sunday celebrations at home.