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Catholic Life of the School

Preparation for First Holy Communion

Is your child around seven years of age or older? Do you think they are ready to prepare to receive Holy Communion? If so please read on ...

For a number of reasons, including the difficulties posed by the current COVID-19 restrictions, the fact that only a few families choose to practise their faith and the obligation to ensure that children are properly prepared and disposed to receive Holy

Communion, the way in which children are to be prepared to receive Holy Communion is changing.

As parents, you have the primary duty of preparing your children. This is done mainly by your faithfulness to the solemn duty you accepted when your child was baptised to ‘bring them up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us’ and ‘to bring them up in the practice of the faith’. Much of this will be done in the family at home, teaching your children about Jesus, helping them to recognise that he is God, helping them to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus especially through prayer, keeping the commandments and caring for others, some aspects however are public especially joining the community of the baptised to meet Jesus at Mass each week.

Preparation will generally last about four months with some meetings with a catechist in addition to weekly attendance at Mass. If a child wishes to begin receiving Holy Communion they need to be coming to Mass and to attend all the meetings, this is the main way in which the priest can exercise his obligation to decide whether or not children are properly disposed to receive Holy Communion.

Once we are back to normal at Mass (that is once we are not limited to a certain number and booking is no longer necessary - which may not be ‘till June) Fr. Broadley will be periodically inviting any parents who regularly come to Mass, and who think their child is ready, to begin preparation at their own time and pace.

In short - once we are back at Mass as normal keep your ears open for announcements.

The 5 W's


At St Veronica's we aim to live by the 5W's, a framework created by Salford Diocese, ensuring we remember what is important and how to aspire to follow in God's footsteps.  


The 5 W's are:


  • Word (talk) - we talk together as a word of God's community
  • Welcome (come) - we come together in welcome
  • Welfare (walk) - we walk together as a welfare community
  • Worship (pray) - we pray together as a worship community
  • Witness (work) - we look at our School mission statement and work together as a witness community


Please click on the links below to find out more information about how we strive to follow the 5 W's in our school, home-life and wider community. 

The Last Supper

Palm Sunday celebrations at home.