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St Veronica's RC Primary School firmly believes that all children benefit from regular school attendance.  Staff are committed, in partnerhsip with the parents/carers, children and governors, to building a school which serves the Parish and community and of which the Parish and community are proud.  Full and regular attendance at school is crucial for a child's future life chances and establishes a positive work ethic early in life.  To this end, we will do all we can to encourage parents/carers to ensure their children achieve maximum possible attendance.  Pupils will be encouraged to achieve 100% attenance, but recognise that some absence is unavoidable (eg due to illness) and when this is the case parents/carers will be required to inform the school at the earliest opportunity.  In order to facilitate teaching and learning, good attendance is essential.


Every Day Counts

Children cannot achieve their full potential if they do not regularly attend school.  We want every child to achieve their full potential and we know that parents share this goal.  There is a clear link between good attendance and educational achievement.  If your child is not in school, on time, as often as possible they will be missing out on many important parts of their education.


Why is regular attendance at school important?

Regular school attendance will mean that your child has a better chance in life.  Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day as:

  • they learn the full curriculum
  • it will ensure that there are no gaps in their learning.  This will mean that the important foundations for future learning will be strong
  • they can form strong and meaningful friends
  • they are happier
  • they have a brighter future.

St Veronica's target for attendance is 96%, pupils should aim to exceed this target and achieve 100%.  

Days off school add up to lost learning.  Please don't let your children miss out on the education they deserve.

How does your child compare?

Attendance during one school year.Number of days absent.Approximate number of weeks absent.Approximate number of lessons missed.
95%9 days2 weeks45 lessons
90%19 days4 weeks90 lessons
85%29 days6 weeks145 lessons
80%38 days8 weeks190 lessons


We monitor attendance closely and contact parents to inform them and offer support where attendance has dropped and causes concern.


Good attendance is promoted in school through assemblies and rewards.  We are always happy to work with families to support and improve attendance.  Our Senior Attendance Champion is Mrs White.  


Family emergencies need careful consideration.  It is not always in the best interest of the pupil to miss school for family emergencies that are being dealt with by adult family members.  School and school friendships and relationships can provide pupils with stability and care during difficult times.  The routine of school can provide a safe and familiar background to life during times of upheaval.