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The PTFA (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) is an integral part of our St Veronica's family.  By bringing together parents, teachers and friends, it fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness, strengthening our school community.  Our PTFA is a voluntary organisation that works to raise funds for the school through a variety of events, such as fairs, discos and cake sales.  By doing so, our PTFA helps to provide the school with much-needed resources and equipment, making a significant difference to the education and learning experience of the children at St Veronica's.



Party Time!

All work and no play? No way!  Our PTFA also organises events such as the Halloween disco and the Christmas ball, which are fun and exciting parties for the children and always include disco lights, DJs, tuck shops and a whole lot more.  They are super popular as you can imagine and these events provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to come together, socialise and have a good time.  This kind of interaction helps to build and maintain a strong sense of community and promoting a positive school culture.




One of our PTFA's most popular initiatives is the "100 Club."  This is a monthly lottery draw where participants buy a numbered ticket for a small fee and the winners are selected at random.  The winners receive a cash prizes and the proceeds are donated to the school.  This scheme not only provides the opportunity for parents, teachers and friends to win some money, but it also generates funds that the school can use to improve facilities, purchase equipment and enhance learning resources.




In addition to fundraising activities, our PTFA also provides a vital link between parents and the school.  It acts as a voice for parents, providing a platform for them to raise concerns, provide feedback and suggest improvements to the school.  Our PTFA works closely with the school leadership team, providing valuable input into school policies, decision-making processes and the overall running of the school.


Overall, our PTFA is a vital component of our primary school community and we offer our warmest thanks and appreciation for their continued hard work and dedication.



Our amazing PTFA currently consists of several amazing individuals who do great things for our community.  They always want to hear your thoughts and ideas and you can email them via



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