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At Home

*Key points for learning at home are in this shade of blue


If the children are on the school reading scheme, they can bring in their book to change once it has been read at home with an adult or at school.  If the children are now free readers, they have the freedom to choose any book they wish to read.  It is key at this point that children keep on reading regularly.  It is also important that they attempt to read a variety of books.


Regular reading sessions really make a difference to the progress your child makes.

Teaching Methods

If you're keen to lend a helping hand at home but concerned about teaching your child differently from the school, we hear you.  Our Curriculum section, located within the School's Policies page, offers detailed insights into the teaching methods we employ across various subjects.  From long addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to English grammar and beyond, you'll find comprehensive guides to ensure consistency and support your child's learning journey.  Feel free to explore and access this valuable resource, providing you with the confidence to assist your child's education at home.


In Year 5, we explore a range of subjects, all listed below.  For some subjects, we provide additional content to give you a deeper understanding of our activities and learning experiences.




Class Worship

Collective Worship is a very important part of our week. As a class, we lead two class collective worships every week. We think really hard about the theme of our Collective Worship, the Word of God which goes with it and a mission for us all to think about and to join in with.




Autumn 1 - We are game developers

In this unit, you will plan your own simple computer game. You will design characters and backgrounds, and create a working prototype, which tyou will develop further based on feedback they receive.

  • Snatch
    The online version of the primary coding tool used in class.

  • Snap!
    An alternative to Snatch which runs on iPads

  • Kodu
    An alternative coding tool that runs on any Windows 10 laptop, PC or tablet


Please don't access the links below until they have been covered in class.

  • Tennis

  • Duck shoot


Autumn 2 - We are cryptographers

In this unit, you will learn more about communicating information securely through an introduction to cryptography (the science of keeping communication and information secret). You will  investigate early methods of communicating over distances, learn about two early ciphers, and consider what makes a secure password.

  • Snatch
    An online version of the main coding tool used in school.

  • Snap!
    An alternative coding tool that works on iPads

Please don't follow these links until they have been covered in class: 

  • Substitution Cyphers

  • Substitution code cracjer


Spring 1 - We are Artists

  • Some example Islamic art


Spring 2 - We are Web Developers

In this unit, you will work together to create a website explaining online safety and responsible
online behavior.


Lesson 2: Learning how Search work


Lesson 4 - Adding media to the website
























Other Resources

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


Collins Big Cat Books

St Veronica's recently purchased more than 300 new phonic based reading books to supplement our existing home readers. To find out more, click here.


Other Links