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PE and Sport

Introducing our dedicated PE and Sport Page!


In our indoor and outdoor PE lessons, we engage our children in a wide range of activities designed to promote physical fitness, develop essential motor skills and foster a love for sports.  From team games to individual challenges, our aim is to encourage active participation and instill a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.  We understand that participating in sports not only enhances physical health but also promotes teamwork, discipline, resilience and character development.  Through PE and Sports, our children learn the importance of fair play, cooperation and striving for personal bests.


We take pride in our childrens' achievements and we love to capture their sporting moments to share with proud parents and carers.  To stay updated with the latest photographs from our sports events and activities, we invite you to check out our News and Facebook pages.  There, you'll find a visual glimpse into the incredible energy, enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed by our young athletes.


As we continue to expand our PE and Sport Page, we will provide resources that support and enhance your child's PE experience both in school and at home.  In the coming months, we will be adding more and more useful guides, tips and fun activities that you can incorporate into your family routines to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Locomotive and Motor Skills

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Other Resources


  • Urban Orienteering
    Pendle Forest Orienteerers have set up a series of short orienteering courses in Rossendale that can be completed in 10/15 minutes