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We look at our School mission statement and work together as a witness community.


At St Veronica's our mission statement is known to all and used throughout the school, underpinning our catholic values.  Children are taught gospel values through observing how all stakeholders of St Veronica's and the wider community treat each other, showing respect, compassion and honesty.


St Veronica's Mission Statement

Secure in the love of Jesus, we

Try our best.

Valuing all God's family, we recognise that

Each one of us is special.

Respecting everything God has made, we use

Opportunities to explore and learn.

Never overlooking the needs of others, we

Include everyone, helped by our

Caring, friendly, Catholic community.

Always forgiving, we

Share and celebrate the life of Jesus.

Chaplains visit to Turf-Cote Residential home. Making new friends in the community.

Some of the children witnessed their friends showing acts of kindness. At Praise Assembly the children were award certificates for their kindness.

The children in Y2 worked together and witness how they have more than other children. This gave them the opportunity to reflect and think about what they could do to help.