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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Class!


Teacher: Mr. C. Barnacle


To all children and parents of Year 6. I hope you are all healthy and are following the government guidelines about hand hygiene and social distancing. On our Year 6 class page, you will find ideas about what can be done at home to keep your child’s learning active.


Before school finished on Friday, everyone was given several packs of CGP materials including maths, reading and SPAG together with VIPER style questions about Goodnight Mister Tom. Please don’t try to complete all your work in one day as this designed to last a few weeks.


All children have also been given an e-mail address ( which you can use to e-mail me any photos, questions or work which you may have completed. I would love to share some examples on our web page and to hear how you all are coping at home.


To our parents and carers – We appreciate that the majority of you are not educators and therefore all we ask is that you do your best and enjoy spending some rather unexpected extra time with your children.


Please keep an eye on our class page for regular updates.


Kind regards Mr Barnacle



After the Easter Break additional homework will be set and placed online in the Home School Learning Folder below.





Lego Challenge - Buildings

Lego Challenge - Buildings 1

Some ideas for activities during your time at home


Please remember that we are in our Lenten period and it is important that we continue to remember what Lent is all about.


Watch YouTube Sunday School lessons. He is Risen - Matthew 27 / Easter story for kids / Sunday school lesson. 

        Then complete one or more of the following activities:

  • Imagine you were there observing Jesus' suffering and death on the cross. Write a diary entry describing your emotions.
  • Tell someone in your house the Easter story and remind them or the real reason for the season of Easter. Draw pictures to help you sequence the events before retelling the story.
  • Look at songs on the internet written for children that tell the story e.g. Christ the Lord is risen today. Try making up a song or another verse of your own.

Read Matthew 28 1-10. (on the internet or in your Bible) In this account of the Resurrection, both Jesus and an angel appear to the two Mary's sending them to tell the Disciples that Jesus is risen and to look for him in Galilee.

  • Name 2 places where you would tell them to look for Jesus imagining that this was happening now.
  • Draw pictures/cartoon strip of how we can see Jesus today. (Think about ways we see Jesus in one another when we do good deeds)

Read John 20: 1-9. We do not know what Peter and John said when they heard the news of the empty tomb from Mary Magdalene. Write down in the form of a playscript what you think they said:

Mary M:    They have taken Jesus from the tomb and we don't know where they have put him

John:    ...............................

Peter:    ............................



Write a story, book review, character description or setting (you could use Goodnight Mister Tom as inspiration or perhaps Who let the Gods out.)


Write a poem – haiku, limerick or acrostic.


Create a play script and perform – you can use almost anything as your inspiration (Don’t forget to use the features of play script writing though!)


Write a letter, diary entry or postcard – I would love to hear what you have been up to.


Practice your spellings – look, say, cover, write, check


Write a biography about your favourite famous person – author, film star, historian or even politician.



Revise your timetables – use TT Rocks, YouTube has loads of amazing videos, play Timetable Bingo with your family and take on the role as the teacher.


Use Mr Hegarty on YouTube to research any areas you would like to revise.


Have a look at the ‘Useful Websites’ for lots of fun games.


Create a mock SAT’s paper for your family – use your CGP as inspiration to help create your questions.


Create your own loop cards



Take part in the weekly Lego Challenge.


Make puppets and put on a play


Create a new board game and share


Design a poster about the importance of hand hygiene


Design an Easter Egg Hunt that you can play around the house or garden


Bake something delicious that you can share with your family and then share the recipe online for others to try.



Research the Vikings and the Mayans and create a fact file, include key facts, dates, where they fit in the time line, pictures etc.


Have a look at ‘The Historic England’ website which contains an education section that includes: teaching activities, collections of educational images, downloadable resources, PowerPoints, worksheets and notes.


The BBC Hands on History website contains a variety of animations, creative activities and projects to bring history alive for your children and don’t forget to have a look at Horrible Histories – a fantastic fun programme to watch and learn all about history.



Have a look at a maps of the world online and see where the lines of latitude and longitude dissect our planet, can you identify and locate the counties of the UK?  You could create your own map of the UK including key cities, capitals and where we are located. You may also want to create a fact file or poster all about global warming and what we can do to slow it down. Perhaps you have in interest in rivers and how important they are to countries around the world, you may want to research a specific river such as the Nile or Amazon and include the rain forest in your research



Continue to create programmes using Python and Scratch.



Electricity – continue to research circuits – what happens if I put another bulb in the circuit or perhaps an additional cell. What function does a switch have on a simple circuit and a parallel circuit? Create a poster explaining how circuits work.


If you don’t have to self-isolate, go on a science walk, remembering to keep a 2 metre distance from other people. Look for living things in their natural habitats and changes in the season’s plants and flowers. How can we classify these groups? Look for similarities and differences.


Take a ‘Science Selfie’ and explain why your picture is scientific. Create a collection of selfies showing that science is all around us.


Science experiments –




At 9 o clock every morning, Joe Wicks has an online PE session on YouTube which is a great way to start your day. It is important to remain active and keep yourselves fit and healthy adhering to the government guidelines about social distancing.





USEFUL WEBSITES TO KEEP YOU OCCUPIED: - Free stories to stream on your laptop, phones or ipads - Great reading activities - a wide range of different activities covering the whole curriculum - reading and spelling activities - a wide range of different maths activities - practical science investigations - science activities - use your school login to practice your times tables and challenge each other


Mindfulness in Year 6 - Preparing for SATs and other challenges

Mindfulness in Year 6 - Preparing for SATs and other challenges 1
Mindfulness in Year 6 - Preparing for SATs and other challenges 2
Mindfulness in Year 6 - Preparing for SATs and other challenges 3
Mindfulness in Year 6 - Preparing for SATs and other challenges 4

SATs Survival for Parents - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling