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Hello everyone, welcome to our Class Page from Mr Tomkinson


Summer 2 update


Welcome to the last half term of the year. We have only got 5 weeks left but we have lots to get through.

There is one change to be aware of. P.E. will now be on Monday afternoons, starting on on June 21st. Children can come in their sports gear on that day. Swimming will stay on Fridays.


The new spellings are on the spelling tab.


What to look out for:


In History we will be finding out about the Ancient Greeks.

In Computing we will be looking at web design and blogs.

Summer Update


There are a few changes to our time table this term. The main change is that we will be going swimming on Fridays this term. You should have received information about this via an app message sent on the Friday before the holidays. PE will be on a Tuesday and children can still come to school in their PE kit on this day.


Our focus for this half term will be the Amazon. The children will be studying the book 'Journey to the River Sea' and in Geography will be finding out about the issues related to deforestation and what we can do to help the planet.

The PE focus will be Dance and Swimming.

Mrs McDonough will be teaching PSHE, Music and Art. They will also be another D/T day near the end of the half term.


Some key themes covered this half term

This half term we will be using Beowulf as our class text and the children will be writing a legend and creating a persuasive text.


In Religion, we start by looking at Jesus's mission and how that mission is still being accomplished today.

In History, we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons. The children will be answering the enquiry question - What happened to Britain after the Romans left?'

In Geography, the focus is the United Kingdom and the children will be studying how it is made up.

In PE, we will be swimming all term and Orienteering.

In Science, we will continue with the Space topic.

In Computing, the children will be doing a unit called ' We are designers'. 

We will also be studying, French PSHE and Music.


I have left the reminders from the Autumn Term at the bottom because they still apply. The vast majority of homework will still be online using Teams.

The first research homework will be about the Anglos Saxons. 



I have attached this letter as an introduction to how we aim to work in Year 5 for the time being. For obvious reasons we have had to change lots of ways that we used to do things.

Reading books

If the children are on the school reading scheme, they can bring in their book to change once it has been read either at home by an adult at home or school. All books returned to school are not put back onto the shelves until 72 hours after being returned.

If the children are now free readers, they have the freedom to choose any book they wish to read. It is key at this point that children keep on reading regularly. It is also important that they attempt to read a variety of books.

Reading/homework diaries

This can be used by the children if they wish to record their reading they are doing at home. They should be kept in their zipped wallets and brought back on Fridays so that I can check on how much reading they are doing.


Standard homework

In the near future we are aiming to set homework. You will receive an e-mail  explaining how we will be setting homework in the future via remote learning. In the meantime the children will get homework set on a Friday, which is to be returned by the following Friday.

Research homework

A different type of homework will also be given in Year 5. This type of homework is a research homework and will be linked to the topics the children are studying in class. The way the children present this work is entirely upto them. They do have a work book where they can put their work. They can record their work in writing, pictures, diagrams, or a mixture of all of them. The children will have seen examples already. The book is in the zipped wallet.


The weekly spellings will be on the school website. They will be on the spelling tab on the Year 5 page. The children will do a weekly spelling test on Fridays. The first test will be on Friday 18th September.


If there are any concerns or queries, then please feel free to e-mail me on 

I check my e-mails most days and will get back to you as soon as I can.

To contact Mr Tomkinson with any queries about work set or to send completed work please e-mail:

Feel Good Friday 2 - Sensory Trail

Feel Good Friday 2 - Hedgehog Making


Still image for this video

WW2 Day 23rd October 2020

Doodlemaths and DoodleEnglish

All children in Years 1 to Years 6 now have an account on this amazing maths app.  As of Thursday 25th April these accounts now can also be used to use Doodle English, Doodle Spell and Doodle Tables.  All are available from your preferred app store.  

The PDF document below provides additional help in setting up and starting to use the apps. 

USEFUL WEBSITES TO KEEP YOUR OCCUPIED: - Free stories to stream on your laptop, phones or ipads - Great reading activities - a wide range of different activities covering the whole curriculum - reading and spelling activities - a wide range of different maths activities - practical science investigations - science activities - use your school login to practice your times tables and challenge each other

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.