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Year 3

To access our weekly home school learning resources please click on the star below.  Click on the further stars to reach the relevant documents - thank you.


When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

To contact Mrs Rushton with any queries about work set or to send completed work please e-mail:

Doodlemaths and DoodleEnglish

All children in Years 1 to Years 6 now have an account on this amazing maths app.  As of Thursday 25th April these accounts now can also be used to use Doodle English, Doodle Spell and Doodle Tables.  All are available from your preferred app store.  

The PDF document below provides additional help in setting up and starting to use the apps. 

Hello again Year 3,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoying this extra time you are having with your family.

I know that you will be behaving very well for your mums and dads, especially when they say it’s time to do some home learning and that you are trying your best for them, just as you would if we were at school. It will be hard work for them at the moment trying to keep you safe, perhaps going to work and trying to help you learn too. So make sure you give them a big smile when they tell you that it’s time to do your school work.

Every week, I will add new learning tasks to the website, I will be adding the following every week

5 maths activities (one for each day Mon – Fri).

1 arithmetic test from your booklet each week.

5 English activities (as above) these will include grammar and writing.

5 reading activities (as above) to use like guided reading.

Spelling activities from your booklet should be carried out every day, ask someone to test you each week on the set of words you have been working on.

Some science activities

Some topic activities

Some RE activities.


Mrs McDonagh will send me some music and computing activities for you too.


Don’t forget your God Made Me booklet to work through too.


I have tried to make the maths activities more like a game for you this week, so enjoy.

It would be great if you could complete as many of these activities as you can. Your parents will guide you and help you decide which ones to do if you can’t complete them all.

Don’t worry if you don’t get through all the activities – there are a lot of them – just try your best.  It would be better to do all of one task really well than some of lots of tasks.


All of this shows you how very hard you work each week when we are in school, and I’m very proud of all the progress each of you have made so far this year, so we must not let that slip.


If you have any feedback or photographs, I would love your parents to send them to me via my email at

as I miss seeing you all and having fun together. I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Until next week, just try your best and remember not to get upset if you struggle with anything -  as I always say we can sort it out together.

Take Care

Mrs Rushton

USEFUL WEBSITES TO KEEP YOUR OCCUPIED: - Free stories to stream on your laptop, phones or ipads - Great reading activities - a wide range of different activities covering the whole curriculum - reading and spelling activities - a wide range of different maths activities - practical science investigations - science activities - use your school login to practice your times tables and challenge each other

Collins Big Cat online library


Key Stage 1, Reception and Year 3 would like to say a big thank you to Mrs White for allowing us to buy more than 300 new phonic based reading books to supplement our existing home readers. 


As part of this purchase, we have also received a year's free subscription to Collins Connect that allow children to access any one of over 250 e-texts to read either on their own or with an adult. 


To log on to our pages simply click on the Collins Log on link below and then type the following into each box: 

Date of Birth:  1(day), January (month)

First Letter of Surname:  A

Year group: 1


Complete this and you can start reading at once. 

To view videos of the Poetry day, please select the link below.