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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Home learning update


Hi Everyone. I hope everyone is well following our school closure. Over the coming weeks the class page will be used to give ideas about what can be done at home to try and keep us learning in the best way possible. Some children, of essential key workers, will still be in school but the majority will be at home.


Everyone should have a learning pack which should keep them busy until the Easter holidays. Please don't do it all in one day, as some will try! On the maths booklet it refers to various pages. Please ignore this and just attempt the actual questions themselves.  Mr Richards has also created a  new tab on the website entitled 'Home School Learning' which we will update with various online activites for children to do. You should all also have an e-mail address which you can e-mail in any photos or questions which you may have. We will hopefully get this up and running during the week.


One thing you could all do at home, starting on Monday, is to login to Youtube and participate in the Joe Wicks online PE lesson.  (It starts at 9am) It should be a great, healthy way to start the day.


Parents/Carers - We appreciate that the majority of you are not educators and so all we ask is that you do your best and enjoy spending some rather unexpected extra time with your children. This page will be updated regularly once we have organised the provision for the children who are still required to come in.

Stay healthy!

Mrs Rushton

USEFUL WEBSITES TO KEEP YOUR OCCUPIED: - Free stories to stream on your laptop, phones or ipads - Great reading activities - a wide range of different activities covering the whole curriculum - reading and spelling activities - a wide range of different maths activities - practical science investigations - science activities - use your school login to practice your times tables and challenge each other

Collins Big Cat online library


Key Stage 1, Reception and Year 3 would like to say a big thank you to Mrs White for allowing us to buy more than 300 new phonic based reading books to supplement our existing home readers. 


As part of this purchase, we have also received a year's free subscription to Collins Connect that allow children to access any one of over 250 e-texts to read either on their own or with an adult. 


To log on to our pages simply click on the Collins Log on link below and then type the following into each box: 

Date of Birth:  1(day), January (month)

First Letter of Surname:  A

Year group: 1


Complete this and you can start reading at once. 

To view videos of the Poetry day, please select the link below.