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Year 1

Year 1's home learning journey - week 1

Welcome to Year 1

Hello and welcome Year 1 to our home learning hub.  Hold tight it's going to be quite a journey. 

It's been a week since most of you started working at home, and you've been amazing.   

You'll see at the top of the page, the pictures that were sent in by you last week, showing how your learning journey has continued, and it's obvious just how well you've taken to the changes in our country. 

Can I also say a big thank you and well done to everyone who is using the Doodlemaths app?  At present about two thirds of you are on track for your current target, which is amazing! Keep up the good work. 

Everyday, there'll be a new set of lessons for you to take part in, and a robot challenge from our robot friends to help them understand just what is like to be human and in Year 1. 

All I can say, is that I'm proud of every one of you and hearing about your adventures, seeing your pictures and videos means that it's almost like we still all in the Year 1 classroom in school.  

Good luck and enjoy the week ahead.  There's some great activities to look forward to. 


Mr Richards and Mrs Lord

Year 1 Home Learning support

The work below is designed to provide daily learning for your child.  It is here to help, and can be accessed any time.  The day and date refers to when it has been uploaded, not when you are expected to do it.  Hopefully, this will make your life easier. 

Monday 23rd March 2020



Your child will need:  Whiteboard, whiteboard rubber and whiteboard pen OR chalkboard and chalk OR pen and paper if you don't have these. 

You will need:  To check your child's work.  To pause the presentation several times.  A cup of tea or coffee or beverage of your own choice, while your child is occupied. 


Simply click on the link below and run the presentation. 


A complete maths lesson including a starter activity and main teaching coupled with fun games and activities you can play with your child. 

English lesson - Robot Poetry

Grammar Starter

Your child will need:  Whiteboard, whiteboard rubber and whiteboard pen OR chalkboard and chalk OR pen and paper

You will need: to check your child's work; to be ready to pause the video several times

Previous Learning in school

Click on the two links below to listen to robot stories we've read over the last three weeks, before watching the introduction to today's English activity. 

Main Activity

Two activities to get your children up and active and thinking about the differences and similarities between robot poems and stories.  

Robot Challenge - Day 1

Still image for this video
Your task, supported by your parents, is to record as many different things you can do that robots can't do (NB the robots transmitting to Year 1 have no legs.)

Robots only need electricity to live. What do you need to keep you alive? What kind of things prove that you are alive?

Collins Big Cat online library

Key Stage 1, Reception and Year 3 would like to say a big thank you to Mrs White for allowing us to buy more than 300 new phonic based reading books to supplement our existing home readers. 


As part of this purchase, we have also received a year's free subscription to Collins Connect that allow children to access any one of over 250 e-texts to read either on their own or with an adult. 


To log on to our pages simply click on the Collins Log on link below and then type the following into each box: 

Date of Birth:  1(day), January (month)

First Letter of Surname:  A

Year group: 1


Complete this and you can start reading at once. 

We all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day