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Work for week commencing 6.4.20

This week is 'Holy Week' and in school this would have been the main focus for everyone's work. Below are a range of activities for children to think about this week.


The powerpoint is the story of Easter which you could read to remind you of the key points of this important event.




Palm Sunday - This is a special time when Jesus was welcomed by many.and was a joyous time. 

Task: Write a prayer about happiness and the joy that Jesus brings to the lives of Jesus


Last Supper - This was an emotional time for both Jesus and his disciples. Look at the various paintings that artists have depicted of the Last Supper. Why have they depicted them in this way? How would you have imagined the meal would have looked?

Task: Draw what you think the Last Supper would have looked like? Add a speech bubble to some of the disciples explaining how they would have felt.


Garden of Gethsemane - Here Jesus is finally arrested. His disciples struggle to stay awake and we see the humanity in Jesus as He speaks to His father asking for help. Finally he is betrayed by Judas who kisses Him on the cheek and then he is taking away.

Task: This was an emotional time for Jesus. Write the day as a diary written by Jesus. Think about the different emotions which he would have felt.


Peter denies Jesus three times - This was an important part of the Easter story as  it shows Peter's inability to do what Jesus asks of him. Despite this, Peter would be chosen to lead the church. Why was Peter chosen despite his failings? What does it tell us about Jesus that he chose Peter?

Task: Create a job description for anyone wanting to become a disciple.


The trial of Jesus - Jesus was given an unfair trial and sentenced to death. Why was his trial so unfair? Why did Pilate wash his hands of Jesus?

Task: Imagine you are a newspaper reporter who is reporting on the trial. Write a nespaper report for what took place. What would your headline be? What questions would you ask Pilate?



In class we would have been doing assessments this week as we have finished the Spring curriculum.

However, if you wish to keep on harnessing your maths skills, then I will strongly recommend going on to White Rose Maths. 

They show content using a video and the an exercise which you can mark yourselves. There are also some Easter challenges on offer this week as well.


Reminder of Lockdown challenges for you to try:Look on the previous week's work for all the ideas for you to try.