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Week for week commencing 30.3.20

In Maths, we would have been looking at area this week and so all the work is related to that. It is also really important that the children try and keep up with their mental maths work. This includes practising their times tables (TT Rock stars is perfect for this) and I would also recommend trying a '5 a day activity on Corbett Maths' .I have attached a link below. The children just need to find the relevant day and then choose either 'Bronze', 'Silver, 'Gold' or 'Platinum' sheet. The answers are also there for them to check their answers.

Well done for those who have been on 'Doodle Maths'. Keep it up.


Each PDF links to an activity the children could do each day. The sheets are all taken from a website called 'Classroom Secrets.' The letters in the bottom corner 'D', 'E' and 'GD' represent the level of difficulty and it gets progressively harder. I would suggest that the children try one of the letters each day. The children are used to using these types of sheets as we use them in class depending on the topic being covered.

I have also attached a powerpoint, which gives a basic explanation of each bit of work. There are four activities. The children could also do a page of their mental maths booklet as well (most children should have taken this home).


If you are after a few challenges then 'White Rose' have set up daily activities for you to try. Included is a short video to explain the concept and then some related questions. We don't follow 'White Rose' as a scheme of work but we do use lots of the questions as they are aimed at getting children to show reasoning and problem solving questions.

Have a go!

For English, the children should keep reading each day. I have attached some reading comprehensions for the children to attempt to keep up their comprehension skills as they would normally do guided reading during the course of a week. There are three comprehensions that are the same but the questions increase in difficulty as they go down. The children should choose the ones that they think they can answer.


They should also practise their weekly spellings. I have also attached a spelling booklet. They could attempt a page each day.


The other attachments are linked to the grammar and punctuation elements of our curriculum. The sheets are questions linked to the grammar and punctuation objectives in Year 5. I would suggest that the children attempt to do one or two of the sheets over the week.




In terms of writing, one idea for the children is to keep a diary of what is going on during this unprecedented time. In History, we have looked at lots of diaries of various children during the war as examples of primary sources. This could be their time to create a piece of historical evidence.


A fun activity you could try each day is listening to a podcast by Pie Corbett and some other Literacy teachers who have created daily show at 9:30 am each day. Just click on the link - /



Grammar and Punctuation Activities

Lockdown Challenge - Just for Fun


I have listed a few ideas linked to different subjects you may wish to try. If you get the chance e-mail in your attempts to do these.


English - Write a poem about your experiences of being off from school.

Maths - Work out the perimeter of your garden (or a room in your house).

Science - Try the 'cleaning penny challenge' - open up attachment  below.

Religion - Write a prayer looking at supporting those who are affected by the pandemic.

P.E. - Do at least one workout from Joe Wicks or design your own workout people could do at home.

Art - Create a flipbook. 

D/T - Either bake something or prepare a meal yourself (Ask for support from parents here!)

PSCE - Do something for someone else. Examples could include: make a picture that goes on your window to cheer people up as they walk past your house, make someone who is vulnerable at this time a card, help out in your home with some extra chores.

History - Create a timeline of world history or one of the Industrial Revolution- I have attached something you could use at the bottom.

Computing - Send something to the school website to show what you have been doing.

Outdoor Learning - Help in the garden. 

Wildcard - Create your own challenge that the rest of the class could do.

Science and History attachments for Lockdown Challenge