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Week 3 - 04.5.20

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

A few updates on the weekly work being set, from feedback I have received. 

1, Just a reminder that I have set work for each day, but I completely appreciate that this is a difficult situation for everyone and so just do your best. There is no expectation for you to get through everything.

2,I know some people are printing off resources and so I have tried to reduce the amount of printing necessary in the following ways.

I, Maths – No powerpoints, but word documents (including an explanation) and then some questions for you to try with answers

Ii, Grammar – I thought it would be nice as a task to write about what you have been upto during 'Lockdown'. If you e-mail it in to me I will put it on next week's page, so that we can all read about what life has been like for you. I will write one too so that you can find about my attempt at teaching Lily potty training!

I have also attached a powerpoint for work on levels of formality (try the questions on the powerpoint). The idea is to go through the questions on the powerpoint on one day and there is an attached question sheet for another day.

3, Contacting me – One of the major difficulties with this type of learning is feedback and whether what is being set is suitable and accessible. Therefore, if anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, then please let me know. I have some feedback so far and it is appreciated.


See above. The work will be on adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions.


See above for slight changes.

Other subjects

There are ideas for lessons in Science, Art , Religion and Music attached as well as the ongoing Amazon project.


REMEMBER - Just do what you can. Don't worry if you can't get through it all. 

Hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping safe.

Mr Tomkinson