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Week 2 - 15.6.20


*There was an error with Monday/Lesson 1's maths work. The question sheet and answer sheet did not match. I have added the correct answer sheet in another document underneath.


Mr Tomkinson


Hi everyone,


It has lovely talking to everyone last week. I have managed to contact most of you and will try again for those who I couldn't get through to. It has ben great listening to what you have all been up to.

Can I just reassure everyone as I know a few were a bit worried. The aim, if you can, is to get through the grammar, reading and maths and anything else is a bonus. I know some people are finding it tricky so please just try your best. We are all in the same boat!


This week is similar to last.



Monday is the overview questions.

The focus is on multiplication and division. For pieces of work that need an explanation, they are either on the sheet or I have attached a powerpoint. If the powerpoint includes the word speaking, then I have pre-recorded the explanation for those who wish to hear it.

There are also challenges for those who wish to do them.

Also remember to try either doodle maths or corbett maths for extra work as well.



Reading is the same as usual. I have seen some great work about the Titanic so thanks for those who sent it in. If you send me your work, I will always try and get back to you with some feedback.


Grammar - Spellings on Monday.

                  Comprehension on Tuesdays

                  Personification introduction and work on Wednesday
                  Personification exercise on Thursday

                  A piece of writing on Friday


If you have time have a go at the RE and Science or have a go at the PSCE and History work, which are both projects.


Keep smiling everyone.


Mr Tomkinson