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Week 2 - 27.4.20

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sunshine.

A few updates on the weekly work being set.

1, Just a reminder that I have set work for each day, but I completely appreciate that this is a difficult situation for everyone and so just do your best.

2, The powerpoints (for Maths and Grammar) are aimed at supporting children, rather than something that needs to be printed out.

 I have now put the independent questions linked to each powerpoint as an attached word document rather than on the powerpoint itself.

*If there is an issue for anyone with the powerpoints in terms of you wishing to print them out  and it taking up a lot of your ink/paper, then please e-mail me I will send you a modified version which should help.

3, Contacting me – One of the major difficulties with this type of learning is feedback and whether what is being set is suitable and accessible. Therefore, if anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, then please let me know.

4, I’ve added information about entering a history competition on the class page. Please have a read and enter if you are interested.


For the next two weeks the focus will be on fractions. This week there will be four powerpoints looking at various areas of fractions work and then on Friday I have attached a sheet with a range of questions on or the children to practise skills they haven’t looked at in a while.


English will follow the format of the previous week.

Other subjects

There are ideas for lessons in Science, Art , Religion and Music attached as well as the ongoing Amazon project.

It was nice to see some of your Science ideas last week. One even made it onto the website!

Hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping safe.

Mr Tomkinson