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Tuesday 24th March 2020



Your child will need:  Whiteboard, whiteboard rubber and whiteboard pen OR chalkboard and chalk OR pen and paper if you don't have these. 

You will need:  To check your child's work.  To pause the presentation several times.  A cup of tea or coffee or beverage of your own choice, while your child is occupied. 


Simply click on the link below and run the presentation. 


A complete maths lesson including a starter activity and main teaching coupled with fun games and activities you can play with your child. 

English lesson - Robot Poetry

Your child will need:  Whiteboard, whiteboard rubber and whiteboard pen OR chalkboard and chalk OR pen and paper

You will need: to check your child's work; to be ready to pause the video several times

Robot Challenge - Day 2

Still image for this video
Your task, supported by your parents, is to explore how humans gather information using our senses. If you want to send a video to the robot to help him understand then please use the home learning email.

Grown ups you can help this investigate by:

- taste: identifying the fruit from a blind taste test?; choosing a favourite crisp flavour from a blind taste; tasting a potato then an apple whilst pinching their nose, can they tell the difference?
- smell: which smell would make the best perfume and why?; which smell is the most relaxing for a bubble bath or lavender bag / which fragrances are linked to relaxing?
- design a fragrance bag to put under their pillow to help them get to sleep; what do different herbs smell like?; which herbs should we grow in our school plot / class window sill / to take home?; sort different smells into nice and nasty smells.
- touch: feely bags/bowls – are our feet better at guessing the object or our hands?; walk on different surfaces, which would make the nicest lining for a new pair of slippers?