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Thursday 9th April 2020



Your child will need:  Whiteboard, whiteboard rubber and whiteboard pen OR chalkboard and chalk OR pen and paper if you don't have these. 

You will need:  To check your child's work.  To pause the presentation several times.  A cup of tea or coffee or beverage of your own choice, while your child is occupied. 


Simply click on the link below and run the presentation.


A complete maths lesson including a starter activity and main teaching coupled with fun games and activities you can play with your child. 

RE - Holy Week

The last of four lessons focusing on the key events of Jesus' last week of life. 

Robot Spring Challenge - Day 4

Still image for this video
The Robots want to thank you for your help with yesterday's challenge. They have made some observations of their own, looking at leaves on one plant. They have discovered that the leaves on their plant have hairs on them. The top surface of a leaf is different from the underneath. They want to know if the top surface of a leaf is always different and if all plants have hairs on the underside of leaves?

Use wipe-boards and / or paper, magnifying glasses, small plastic zip-lock bags or plastic containers to ‘collect the evidence. If possible, use technology such as an iPad or tablet to assist in recording the evidence and send it to