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Hello Year 4 and mums and dads,

Welcome to our final term in Year 4.  Well done to all of you who have been working super hard to keep up with your Year 4 journey.  The next 5 weeks of learning will definitely be getting you ready to move into Year 5.  I really enjoy seeing your work so keep emailing me photos of your work.  (By the way, I have lost my special pen that lets me write on your work – hopefully I will find it and start writing on your work again – if not I will keep adding text and animations to your work). If you do anything really special like make a video or a PowerPoint then we can put it on the website for all the children to look at.

For mums and dads, most of the maths Powerpoints now have the answers within the PPoints so separate answer documents are not necessary.  I am adding a little extra challenge document in the maths section to complete if you can.

For your RE this term, we are concentrating on the religion of Islam and so each week, there will be a different area to research.  I am not uploading any physical documents for you to print out or work on, I will just put some areas for research and some websites for you to look at.  Your research can take the form of written work, an online document (Publisher is good for that) or a PowerPoint.  You can also create one document for the term or one document for each area – it is up to you. 

Thank you Year 4 and all mums and dads who are helping our home learners – keep up the good work.

Email me with any queries –

Stay safe

Mrs Cawtherley xx