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Mrs D. Downey, Mrs. J Griffin and Miss M. Holden


We hope you have a lovely time learning lots of new things. We want everyone to have fun, make friends and work hard.

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Reading in the EYFS   

The reading process in our school begins with sharing stories and modelling good reading behaviours. Children in Reception have regular story time which is their opportunity to listen to and become lost in a good book.

The teaching of phonics to young children, using Letters and Sounds, is a gateway into the world of learning to read and write competently. We aim to teach our Reception children to recognise the sounds of the alphabet, learn to blend those sounds together to read and write words.

Regular opportunities to practise reading are given through shared reading activities, 1:1 reading with adults and small guided reading sessions. All children in Reception have home reading books which are suited to their own reading ability to practise and show-off their skills. In addition to this, children in Reception class develop independent book choosing skills through use of our class library.

We use a range of reading schemes in school as we believe that breadth of reading is important. The schemes include fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Home reading is a key factor in the reading development of a child: the more practise a child gets, the more fluent and accurate their reading will become. We encourage our children to read regularly at home and we promote home/school communication through reading diaries.



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