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Mental Health Awareness




















Download your Dove Confidence Kit using the document link below:

Adult Wellbeing Toolkit from the British Red Cross

We have been thinking about mental health and what it means.  We know it is important to look after our physical health but it is equally important to look after our mental health.


What is mental health?

Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods.


We all have feelings that come and go everyday.  These are small feelings such as, feeling excited about a present or nervous about a maths test.  Small feelings can feel very strong at times, but these feelings don't usually become a problem for us, like big feelings do.


Big Feelings

Big feelings can change how we feel and behave, how we see the world and how we get on with other people.  They can affect our mental health and can be really serious for some people, they can make someone feel lonely or overwhelmed by the feeling.  Some people might have problems:

  • Sleeping  
  • Concentrating at school.
  • They may feel sad or worried a lot of the time.
  • They may loose interest in doing things they used to enjoy.

Big feelings can be caused by lots of different reasons which can be quite complicated.  They can be difficult to understand and how we feel and to tell the difference between a big or small feeling.


Who could help us?

If you have a big feeling which you keep thinking about it is good to talk to someone you trust, such as:

  • Your parents.
  • A sister or brother.
  • Your friends
  • A teacher or teaching assistant.


Talking to someone you trust can really help and often help you to find a solution to the problem.


We provide pastoral support in school.  If you would like to know more or would like you child to access pastoral support at anytime please contact the school office on 01706-226315.

We learnt how yoga can help us feel calm and clear our heads of busy thoughts. Mrs Griffin taught us some good yoga moves.

Y1 shared a story called, The Worry Bag. They also talked about all the different feelings and learnt how it was good to tell someone about their worries as this can help.

Y4 took turns to write something nice about each of their class mates.