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Long Term Plan

Computing Long Term Plan


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Autumn 1

Unit 1.4 We are collectors

Unit 2.1 We are astronauts

Unit 3.1 We are programmers

Unit 4.1 We are software developers

Unit 5.1 We are games developers

Unit 6.1 We are adventure gamers

Autumn 2

Unit 1.6 We are celebrating.

Unit 2.2 We are games testers

Unit 3.2 We are bug fixers

Unit 4.2 We are toy designers

Unit 5.2 We are cryptographers

Unit 6.2 We are computational thinkers

Spring 1

Unit 1.3 We are painters

Unit 2.3 We are photographers

Unit 3.3 We are presenters

Unit 4.3 We are musicians

Unit 5.3 We are artists

Unit 6.3 We are advertisers

Spring 2

Unit 1.1 We are treasure hunters

Unit 2.4 We are researchers

Unit 3.4 We are vloggers

Unit 4.4 We are HTML editors

Unit 5.4 We are web developers

Unit 6.4 We are network technicians

Summer 1

Unit 1.5 We are story tellers

Unit 2.5 We are detectives

Unit 3.5 We are communicators

Unit 4.5 We are co-authors

Unit 5.5 We are bloggers

Unit 6.5 We are travel writers

Summer 2

Unit 1.2 – We are TV chefs.

Unit 2.6 We are zoologists

Unit 3.6 We are opinion pollsters

Unit 4.6 We are meteorologists

Unit 5.6 We are architects

Unit 6.6 We are publishers.


NB Computing in Reception is covered by a series of individual activities covering the use of mice, keyboards, touchscreens and iPads, and the use of a range of software as well as an introduction to beebots and other programmable toys.


Please also note that the delivery of Computing in the 2020-2021 academic year may be affected by the enforced absence of classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, since computing can not be effectively delivered via distance learning.