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Summer 2 Week 1 introduction


Please Read:

* Following on from a few e-mails from parents over the weekend, I have included a little powerpoint for any Grammar or Maths lesson that might need a bit more explanation. The powerpoint includes my voice explaining what the children will be doing during the week and explaining anything I think they might struggle with. (You will not be able to hear the sound on an apple i-pads) For lessons that don't need explanation such as Monday's Maths lesson or Tuesdays Comprehension activity, there is no powerpoint. I have included all the grammar ones and the Maths one for Tuesday's lesson. The rest of the maths ones will be up by Monday evening. (The reading activities do not need a powerpoint)

I have added this at the top as I have only uploaded them on Sunday evening and I know a few parents print the work out over the weekend. These powerpoints are extra and are aimed at children who might need them to help them focus on what I want them to do or who prefer to hear the instructions/explanations being read out. I know some parents print out the work and therefore there is a word document explaining everything as well, to help save you spending lots on ink and paper.  Hope that makes sense!*


Hello everyone and welcome back after the holidays. I hope everyone is still well and have enjoyed the sunshine( and a bit of rain!)

By now, we may have some more children in school, but we will still have lots at home and so this online learning will be used by both children in school and at home. 

I will be trying to contact everyone this week to see how you have been, so look out for that. If there is anything you wish to tell me about then please do. 


Below is the format for how the work will be structured over the next few weeks. There may be some slight variables over the weeks but generally it will stay the same even if classes begin to reopen. There will always be a maths activity, an english/reading activity and a grammar activity for each day.





Most Mondays will start with a series of questions aimed at looking at all areas of the curriculum. These are aimed at giving children practise at some key skills.


Then the rest of the week will be activities linked with what we would have been covering in school. Otherwise just use the explanation sheet. Sometimes one of the activities will be a mini assessment linked to that subject. Everything will have either answers underneath or sometimes the answers will be on the explanation sheet.


This week the focus will be on place value and in particular negative numbers. Please use the explanation sheet (or powerpoints) each day as it will give you a guide, where appropriate, to how to answer the questions  and has most of the answers.


There is also a challenge for each day. These are optional. Have a look and see what you think.




Grammar – Each week the grammar work will begin by practising spellings and a spelling activity. The aim is for the children to look at their spellings, work out what they mean and to put them into sentences. Then they are to complete the associated task.


Then on a Tuesday there will always be a comprehension type activity. This week is on Henry VIII.


From Wednesday to Thursday there will be specific grammar activities to try. This week we will be looking at using inverted commas accurately. The powerpoint on Wednesday explains the rules associated with using inverted commas and then there is an activity which accompanies it and again on Thursday , there is an activity.


Friday – Children should attempt a spelling test and a writing task. (There will be a writing task linked with the grammar work and the reading activities. I would suggest that children only attempt to do one of them.)


I have also included an optional challenge for each day. The focus of these is to practise what the different grammatical terms mean.


Reading (under English tab) – The reading will continue in the same way as before the holidays and this work is produced by the local council for all the Lancashire schools. This week is a continuation of the Titanic topic from before the holidays. It is important to note that on the work it does say that when viewing the clips or reading the associated material, it does advise a parent to complete this with their child, due to the sensitive nature of it. 


Foundation Subjects


Each week will be a lesson prepared linked to Religion and Science.

All the PSHE lessons will be on one document. You can go to this document each week to attempt one of the tasks.

The Art and History will be linked to a topic project that the children can dip into each week. 

Any issues, then please drop me an e-mail and I will reply as soon as I can.

All the best,

Mr Tomkinson