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Events in School

Science Week

Investigating Colour Mixing in Y2

  • Travelling Colours
  • Fruity Sweet Colour Mixing

World Maths Day 24th March 2023 -Year 4 investigated how many turtles hatched on each island.

World Maths Day 24th March 2023 Y2 - Measuring Temperature

World Maths Day 24th March 2023


Year 3 have been learning all about Mary the sunbear and calculating the weights of each fruit in her diet.



EYFS World Maths Day Activities

The children in Reception Class played a counting game in which they rolled a dice and had to count on and move to the correct number, the first to 20 was the winner! They also created their own patterns using different exercises such as star jump, press up, star jump, press up etc. They also began to explore positional language in relation to wear the billy goat is in relation to the bridge.

We celebrated the National Day of Reflection. The children made a daffodil for a person they missed. We then put them altogether to make a 'Reflection Garden'. Just like flowers grow our memories grow with us.

A massive thank you to our 'Clean-Up Crew' who gave up their time to help tidy up their outside area after the recent storms.