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St Veronica'sRC Primary School

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The School Curriculum


Due to the current situations in school in relation to COVID, the curriculum may change throughout the year depending on whether or not classes are in school. 


The government requires that all pupils from Year 1 study a set range of subjects known as the 'National Curriculum'.


English, Mathematics, Science and RE are known as 'core' subjects and take up a substantial part of the timetable.


History, Geography, Design Technology, Music, Art and PE are known as 'foundation subjects' and take up most of the rest of the time.


Computing is taught discreetly using the Rising Stars Scheme of Work. French is taught throughout Key Stage 2.


At St Veronica's, each half term's learning is based around an exciting new theme in the Lancashire Topic Material. However, we only use this as a base for our learning and have adapted it for certain subjects to be more bespoke to St Veronica's. Some units are not linked to the Lancashire Topic Materials but have been created by the teachers with a theme. Teachers plan work in core and foundation subjects based on the class topic.


If you would like more information regarding the Lancashire Topic Material or the more bespoke units then please see your child's class teacher.


As a Roman Catholic school we place great emphasis on RE.  Our syllabus is based on current Salford Diocesan RE Guidelines: Come and See.


Phonics and Reading Schemes


Letters and Sounds


KS1 Reading

Oxford Reading Tree

Ginn: New Reading 360


KS2 Reading

Ginn: New Reading 360

Pearson Bug Club