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Autumn 1 - We are game developers
In this unit, you will plan your own simple computer game. You will design characters and backgrounds, and create a working prototype, which tyou will develop further based on feedback they receive.
Please don’t access the links below until they have been covered in class.
Autumn 2 - We are cryptographers
In this unit, you will learn more about communicating information securely through an introduction to cryptography (the science of keeping communication and information secret). You will  investigate early methods of communicating over distances, learn about two early ciphers, and consider what makes a secure password.
Please don’t follow these links until they have been covered in class: 
Spring 1 - We are Artists

Spring 2 - We are Web Developers


In this unit, you will work together to create a website explaining online safety and responsible
online behavior.

Lesson 2: Learning how Search work
Lesson 4 - Adding media to the website.