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Autumn 1 - We are software developers
In this unit, you will start by playing and analysing educational computer games, identifying those features that make a game successful. You will  then plan and design a game, with a clear target audience in mind. You will  create a working prototype, and then develop it further to add functionality and improve the user interface. Finally, you will  test their game and make any necessary changes.
Please don’t access the links below before they have been covered in class.
Autumn 2 - We are toy designers

In this unit, you will  work together to design a simple toy that incorporates sensors and outputs and then create an on-screen prototype of your toy in Scratch. Finally, you will  pitch your toy idea to a Dragons’ Den-style panel.

Spring 1 - We are musicians

Spring 2 - We are HTML editors

In this unit you will  learn about the history of the web, before studying HTML (hypertext mark-up
language), the language in which web pages are written. You will learn to edit and write HTML, and then
use this knowledge to create a web page. 

Lesson 1 Learning about the web
Lesson 2 - Editing HTML in web pages
Lesson 3 - First Steps with HTML
Lesson 4 - An HTML project
Lesson 6 - Developing and Refining