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St Veronica'sRC Primary School

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Autumn 1 - We are programmers
In this unit, you will  create an animated cartoon using characters you design. You will  use a paint tool to create characters and backgrounds. You will then create an animation by translating a storyboard into a series of scripted instructions (program) for graphic objects.
Autumn 2 - We are bug fixers

In this unit, you will  work with six example Scratch projects. You will explain how the scripts work, finding and correcting errors in them, and explore creative ways of improving them. You will  learn to recognise some common types of programming error, and practise solving problems through logical thinking.

Please don’t follow any of the links below, until they have been covered in class.

We put our knowledge to the test and de-bugged our own computer programmes.

Spring 1 - We are presenters

Spring 2 - We are vloggers

In this unit, you will choose a topic to teach to others. They research this using web-based sources, plan a presentation, source and create visual content and record a spoken commentary.

Lesson 1 Researching the topic
Lesson 3 - Sourcing Content