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St Veronica'sRC Primary School

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In Computing this year, the children will learn about algorithms, how to code, how to stay safe on line, how to film themselves and others, how to use computers, ipads and laptops to design and illustrate an e-book of their own, and how to record a talking book to share with their friends and family. 



Autumn 1 - We are collectors

In this unit, you will use web search engines to collect pictures of different types of animals and then
explore ways in which those pictures can be organised.

Lesson 1 - 5 Searching and classifying animal images
Lesson 6 - Guess the animal

Spring 1 - We are painters


This unit will particularly engage everyone who loves the illustrations in the books they read. It is a great
opportunity for you to work creatively.

Lesson 2 - Planning the illustrations
Spring 2 - We are Treasure Hunters

We start our careers as programmers, by learning to control robots, in particular roomers and bee bots; using real robots, PCs and tablets.  After that we’re all set for treasure hunting, using these devices and virtual versions of the robots themselves to find treasure by programming where our robots will search, 


If you want to have a go at home, then here are links below to the various virtual robots that your children will be learning to control. 

Summer 1 - We are TV chefs

Algorithms are a lot like recipes.  This half of term, we’re going to find our own recipes and follow them, write our own recipes which we will refine until perfect, and then, film each other,  following these recipes from scratch.  


If you want to have a go at home, below are links to the software we are using to transform ourselves into TV Chefs.