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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is a very important part of our week. As a class, we lead two class collective worships every week. We think really hard about the theme of our Collective Worship, the Word of God which goes with it and a mission for us all to think about and to join in with.

Prayers during the Spring term. Take a look at some of our photos of our Collective Worships during the Spring term.

Skittle prayers - use the colour of the skittle as a guide to the theme of your prayers during Advent.

Our Collective Worship sessions were very special during Advent.

Our prayers from this week’s Collective Worship.

Our prayers from this week’s Collective Worship. 1

Photos from our Collective Worships in the Autumn Term

Remembrance Day Collective Worship

Remembrance Day Collective Worship 1
Remembrance Day Collective Worship 2