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Year 5

devil Welcome to Year 5! no


Hi, I'm Mr Haworth and very soon I'll be filling this page with news and pictures of things we’ve done in class.


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In R.E. we have been thinking about how we are stewards of Creation.  The children discussed what this means and came up with some excellent vocabulary.   They also got into 'think tank' groups and generated questions that are difficult to answer.  How would you answer them? Can you try to come up with a solution?  


  • Would you treat a relative who has been in prison differently than a random person who has been in prison?
  • How do you stop wars in the name of religion?
  • Would you fly half way around the world to save somebody you don't know?
  • How do you stop global warming?  
  • Why don't people put litter in a bin?
  • Do farmers feel bad about killing animals?
  • Why do lower placed people have different rights?
  • Are we responsible for the above?


I am amazed at the level of thought that has come from class discussions.  Your children make me feel very proud to be a member of God's family.




World Refugee Day 20/06/2017

In Summer 2 we will be studying Greek Mythology and creating our own myths!

Year 5 displaying their fencing skills!

Year 5 Timetable