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St Veronica'sRC Primary School

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Autumn 1 - We are Astronauts
Autumn 2 - We are Games Testers

This half term the children are going to become games testers.  They are going to play a series of games, mostly coded in Scratch, decide what’s good and what could be better.  Using specific projects on the Scratch website they’ll have a chance to look at the code used to create the games, with a view to magpie-ing code they may want to use when designing their own games. 


If you want to help, then discuss with your child what they look for in a good game.  However, it mayl be a while before they’ll be ready to write code similar to those used in their favourite games...

Spring 1 - We are photographers


In this unit, you review photos online, practise using a digital camera, take photos to fit a given
theme, edit your photos, and then select your best images to include in a shared portfolio.

Lesson 1 - online portfolios